Horse Betting For the Amateurs

In this article, we will discuss about various tips and tricks that can really help an amateur to bet intelligently on horse races, without risking too much of his or her money.

Horse racing betting is a risky affair, as it involves your money.

  • Therefore it is advised to bet carefully.  There are certain factors that you should consider at the beginning of you horse betting career, such as your availability of funds, and your preparedness to risk it.  Before the beginning of you horse betting career, you should be in a stable financial situation.  This way, you will be well prepared and have all the resources required to bet smartly.
  • For instance, if you are in debt, and you lose the money you have put aside for your horse betting, you will have a hard time getting back your funds.  During these times, you need to reduce the amount of your bet to a manageable one.  You should not bet the money that you need to survive.  This can be just a fraction of what you spent.

Another tip is not to start betting if you are in the beginning of your career.

There are many bets that are more difficult to make than others.  You should make bets that you are comfortable with and that you are knowledgeable about.  For instance, if you are betting on season winners, make sure that you are familiar with the teams and if they have changed players, you need to know about the changes.  Make sure that you know what players are injured or penalized for various practices.  Check out at the beginning of the season when many changes have taken place.

  1. There are also other sources like experts and odds makers, you should trust them and follow their predictions too.  There are both advantages and disadvantages of following the experts too.  They too can be wrong sometimes.  A part of their job is to spot the most important changes in the teams that you want to bet on.
  2. Just as the sports books stay neutral, you too can spot the most important changes in the teams as well.  You will know who is injured or penalized and if the injury or penalty occurred in the previous game or in the previous week.  The sports books do not stay neutral.  Although their sole job is to guess as to what will happen, their influence in the final outcome is minimal.

So, although you can still make some money by following your gut’s instincts, it is best to follow the advice of the experts.  Although you may not win every time, you will know enough about the teams to play with confidence and win the majority of the time.  Just remember too that as you gain knowledge and experience in the game, you will become a better handicapper.